Åland, sweet Åland – We still have the keys!

With Leif substituting Anders who was home with a fever (or perhaps a hangover) and fellow aviator Jonas we arrived at Sundbro with plenty of time to spare before our EBOT (Estimated Block Off Time).

Our ride


How do we get there?

While Jonas and Leif took care of the airplane, making sure it was airworthy I did some number punching and found out that our flying time would be 48 minutes over to Mariehamn and as 0830Z drew closer, we packed the last items and soon we were on our way with Uppsala clearing us first to 3,000 ft direct towards ERK NDB with Stockholm sending us further to FL55. Even if this is not a high altitude, reaching it took a while since the rate of climb was 250ft/minute in the heat. Once there, we had a beautiful view of the scenery and the algae floating in towards the mainland.

Slow climb



    With a cheery handoff from Stockholm CTRL, I greeted Mariehamn tower and we were sent direct to a right base for runway 21. Wanting to enjoy more of the view, I took BX down to 1000 and headed towards the field. However, as traffic was coming in from Finland faster than us, we were asked to extend our approach. Then, after an almost perfect flight I did the worst “!!/()/”)  landing I’ve ever done on asphalt expecting a remark from the tower along the lines of “on ground 20, 20 and 21” Instead we were assigned parking number 6 and 50 minutes after leaving Uppsala we said goodbye to our aircraft for a few hours and took a taxi downtown making sure the keys were firmly placed in my bag (there is a story to this that I won’t go into).

Approaching Åland

65kts and perfectly on the PAPI, so far


The keys

 Downtown, we strolled around for sometime before enjoying a lunch at Hotel Archipelag and a meeting with an old friend of mine from Sigtuna, living on the island. Content we continued our walk around the seeman’s quarters and back through town, via a coffee to the west side.

Myself and Jonas on the main street of Mariehamn


Still with the keys


Nice old boat

    Now, rather than donating another €12 to the local taxi business, we decided that a 4,5km walk back to the airport would be a better idea and set off to enjoy the scenery using Leif’s Nokia GPS as guide and arrived at the terminal after a nice stroll talking about a wide variety of things but still not knowing that our return flight would be delayed.

 Back at EFMA with the keys still in hand 🙂

After checking with Mr. Tower guy about the latest weather at Uppsala it soon became evident that the bad weather that had been predicted for earlier in the afternoon had taken a siesta up north and was now moving in, making any type of VFR flying a big “nono” so we sat down to wait and call the Arlanda MET office. The friendly briefing officer told us that we could expect a delay of at least two hours. At this point, our main concern was the approaching darkness and a contingency plan was now made, should we need a bed for the night.

   Leif trying the left seat

   At just before 1730Z, the MET office told me that the front now had passed Uppsala and we could expect good visibility if upon arrival if we departed within the next half hour, still with plenty of margin before darkness.  The flight home gave us the usual beautiful sunset and radio chatter on Stockholm control and we were quite happy when we arrived at Sundbro 4 hours delayed. Dropped Jonas downtown Uppsala and headed home for a good nights sleep.

Heading out of Åland


Perfect trim



My soon to be new home town, Uppsala





8 Responses to Åland, sweet Åland – We still have the keys!

  1. Leif says:

    “Anders Tupplur”skall ha tack för den turen men 5 minuter från sovande tillstånd till embakering av PC:s bil är lite väl kort tid.
    Tänk på det nästa gång Anders.
    Alltid lite äventyr när man skall med PC till Åland, förra gången “nycklarna” (när kommer den historien på nätet??), denna gång “blixt och dunder” som hade skapat flera förseningar på Arlanda, även för lilla oss i Mariehamn.
    Undrar vad som händer nästa gång när P C flyger födelsedag för min dotter.
    Humm, har nu flugit så många gånger med PC att det kanske är dax för “certet” ???
    Nja, det får nog räcka med golfen och resor, eller ???

  2. Leif says:

    Hupps, glömde, alla bilder från turen “copyrigt”, jag.
    Alltid kan man bidraga med något, ikk???

  3. Patrik says:

    Tur att inte nycklarna trillade i spat då 🙂

  4. Bosse says:

    Nu blir jag nyfiken på historien om nycklarna. Det var kul att läsa om den här flygningen till Åland men en uppföljning om nycklarna vore på sin plats. 🙂

  5. Leif says:

    Helt riktigt Bosse, den storyn är fin, jag var med, nu skall bara P C komma ut med den, det är dax att världen får sig en lärdom om flygeriet, eller ett gott skratt.

  6. tuppluren says:

    Hehe Leif ska försöka göra det… fast då får PC försöka väcka mig innan han står och ringer på dörren 🙂

  7. tuppluren says:

    Finns en till historia om cessnanycklar och Åland… eller hur PC!

  8. Leif says:

    Hallå, hallå, vadå!!!!!!

    Finns det flera Ålandflygplansnyckelhistorier ????????????

    Eller snackar vi om samma händelse ??

    Finns bara en som kan utreda det här, P C min vän, ut med historien nu

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