Perhaps the last visit to Barkarby

After having to cancel this trip three times, the weather was finally with me and I would be able to take my three course colleagues Alex, Crisitan and Jakob flying. Met outside Ekonomikum just before 10am before catching the 844 bus towards Sundbro (boy do I miss having access to a car).  At Sundbro, the morning fog was still present but I anticipated that it would clear up soon, and so it did. However as Västerås was still covered in thick fog and there would be no chance of clearing up, I decided to take us to Barkarby instead.

   Sun in my eyes

Taxied out towards runway 03 with the excitement of the three “boys” hard not to notice. We were cleared by Uppsala tower to leave via Uppsala Näs and passed out via Flogsta (the student gheto in Uppsala).  Approaching Vassunda I made the usual request to Arlanda tower for a routing via Sigtuna and then the waterway to Stäket which was approved with the info that R16 (Kungsängen) was active and the words “there are new and trigger happy recruits there, so watch out”.  At Stäket we said good bye to Arlanda and contacted Barkarby where traffic was quite calm.  A very stressless approach towards runway 24 followed by what I would call the best asphalt landing to date. This feeling was supported by the comment “have we landed!?” Parked the aircraft and headed in for a cup of coffee and a muffin. 

Looking good!

After relaxing a bit we walked around the parked aircraft for a bit and while the others played around with the Cessna I prepared a little surprise for them.

   Departed runway 24 and climbed as fast as I could to the required 1200ft towards Masten in order to avoid inbound traffic. At Stäket I called up Arlanda tower again and we were cleard to join a long final to runway 01L. At Arlandastad GC, I broke off and set course towards the tower. At this point the passengers cheered and the cameras were clicking constantly. From the tower I left via the F-pier and terminal 5 to Vassunda again.

    Back in touch with Uppsala tower I asked for sightseeing over Uppsala to allow the passengers an areal view of our hometown with the cathedral, castle, Ekonomikum etc. Before heading back to Sundbro. To round off the trip (and keep myself current with passengers for another 3 months) we mae one touch and go and one power-off landing before calling it a day.

Arlandastad GC

Jumbo Hostel

Ekonomikum – The Business/Economics faculty at UU 



Power off landing or bush flying?

It was a great day to fly with almost no wind and the content of my mates just added to the pleasure.



6 Responses to Perhaps the last visit to Barkarby

  1. Patrik says:

    Looking good … 🙂

  2. LazerJez says:

    såg härligt ut … o låt oss hoppas att du får göra om det, alltså visitera Barkarby medelst ett luftfartyg 🙂

  3. L says:

    Vad nice! Häftigt att ni fick flyga förbi ARN! Jaså, går det bussar mot Sundbro?! Jag trodde det inte gjorde det, och har alltid funderat på hur man ska ta sig ut dit! Som student är ju cykeln givet när det gäller transport, men Sundbro är ju lite för långt ute på landet. 😛 Vilken busshållplats är det man hoppar av vid?

  4. PC says:

    Lae: Det hoppas jag

    L: Kul att du har hittat hit. Ta buss 844 mot Östervåla/Tärnsjö och hoppa av vid Stora Nyåker (Gysingevägen 272) sen får du gå 15-20 min.
    ARN är riktigt trevliga när det kommer till överflygningar bara man inte gör det mitt i peaken.

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