Celebrating one year of PPL

Time does pass quickly when you are having fun and today at 1439 it exactly one year since I passed my PPL checkride. It has been a year with many fun flights together with friends, but no family yet. Just over 21 hours have been entered into the logbook and destinations such as Mariehamn, Göteborg, Oslo, Arlanda etc. have been visited. Every flight has had a special component to it and it just adds to the joy of having this piece of paper in hand.  However, instead of me writing about all the flights, that you can read about in earlier entries, I will use images as my rear mirror.


First trip to Mariehamn


First flight over Arlanda

Tour de Mälaren December 2008


Visiting Arlanda for the first time


To Norway with Anders


Yet another visit to Mariehamn

Barkarby with the boys

And there will be many more trips to come in the future!



4 Responses to Celebrating one year of PPL

  1. tuppluren says:

    Jisses vad tiden går snabbt!

  2. Jonas says:

    Det går fort när man har kul!

  3. Johanna says:

    Grattis! =) Jo tiden går verkligen fort. . synd att man inte kunde ta vara på den lite bättre

  4. Bea says:

    Yeay, birthdayboy. eller birthdaycertificate? 😀

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