A November summary with the question: To go MAC or not to go MAC?

November 30, 2008

I am back in the blog business after quite a long absence due to a lot of work at university, SGS and with some other projects in different areas.

University: Currently enjoying two very enjoyable courses in consumer behavior and business strategy. Both require a lot of work but the return is high. There will be a post asking for your help very shortly.

Apartment: A lot of things have happened since the pictures I posted back in September and I will give you some new ones closer to Christmas. But it is getting cozier by the minute and more and more like home.

SGS: Been working equivalent to a 25% job and November did pose a few challenges with a few snowy days and some new qualifications i.e chances a more varied day at work.

Social life: Believe it or not but I have time for it as well. Both my classmates and “Blecket” take up a large chunk of this part.

Flying: Look out the window and answer that question yourself in connection with “all of the above”!

Travel: Looking forward to Milano December 14-16 and perhaps I might be going to another larger European city next week in connection with work, but this remains to be seen.

The question I ask myself now is:  Since my computer is about to be changed soon, I need your help, should I stick to a PC laptop or be radical and go for the new and improved MACbook? Any thoughts around this is appreciated.


I’m still alive..

November 20, 2008

…but I should be updating soon!