A November summary with the question: To go MAC or not to go MAC?

I am back in the blog business after quite a long absence due to a lot of work at university, SGS and with some other projects in different areas.

University: Currently enjoying two very enjoyable courses in consumer behavior and business strategy. Both require a lot of work but the return is high. There will be a post asking for your help very shortly.

Apartment: A lot of things have happened since the pictures I posted back in September and I will give you some new ones closer to Christmas. But it is getting cozier by the minute and more and more like home.

SGS: Been working equivalent to a 25% job and November did pose a few challenges with a few snowy days and some new qualifications i.e chances a more varied day at work.

Social life: Believe it or not but I have time for it as well. Both my classmates and “Blecket” take up a large chunk of this part.

Flying: Look out the window and answer that question yourself in connection with “all of the above”!

Travel: Looking forward to Milano December 14-16 and perhaps I might be going to another larger European city next week in connection with work, but this remains to be seen.

The question I ask myself now is:  Since my computer is about to be changed soon, I need your help, should I stick to a PC laptop or be radical and go for the new and improved MACbook? Any thoughts around this is appreciated.

4 Responses to A November summary with the question: To go MAC or not to go MAC?

  1. johanna says:

    Once you go mac you never go back. Mack is the shit. Mer chockladknäck åt folket!

  2. Magnus says:

    Då måste du även byta till macreithe.wordpress.com!! ;D

  3. Hans J says:

    När du väl gjort valet kommer du bli förvånad över att ny pc ens fanns med som alternativ! Allt blir mycket enklare med en Mac. Inga virus. Inga problem med drivrutiner. Inga oförklarliga krascher. Den är värd varenda krona. Jag gjorde bytet för drygt ett år sedan och har inte ångrat det en sekund!

  4. Dolly says:

    Instämmer med föregående talare. Föga förvånande kanske 😉 Mac är helt klart bäst. Jag skulle aldrig byta tillbaka. Dessutom kan du ju köra windows på mac, om det nu är något du måste ha windows till.

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