I am leaving on a jet plane to Krung Thep and Kuala Lumpur

January 27, 2009

May 1-8 I am heading with Jocke to Bangkok to revisit the city I left 17 years ago. This time it is Malaysia Airlines that will take me there and on the way back we will spend 9 hours in the Malaysian capital:


You know it is late January in Sweden when….

January 26, 2009

SA 261520Z 35007KT 6000 -SN BR FEW002 BKN003 01/00 Q1009 RWY 01
WET 51-100 PCT LESS THAN 1 MM FC 0.76 RWY 08 WET 51-100 PCT
M 26 0.73 RWY 01R WET 51-100 PCT LESS THAN 1 MM FC 0.78
TEMPO 2000 BKN005=

Looking ahead for 2009

January 21, 2009

A few weeks in to 2009, I have now made a plan of what will come this year (or at least what I hope to acheive).

* Flying – This is a natural part and if all goes well there will be a journey down Europe in April and let friends and family experience the joy of flying.

* Travel – I managed to cross of New York last year and this year I am hoping for Bangkok and maybe a few shorter trips.

* University – Complete the compulsory section of my M.Sc. and choose either to:

– Take a few law courses


– Realize my plan of learning Russian.

(What do my Dear blog readers think?)

…..  and more

1000 places to see before I die

January 14, 2009

This was my Christmas gift from Anders and his family and for someone like me who loves to travel, this was the ultimate gift. I have gone through it from cover to cover and realzied I have approximately 780 places left to visit before I can move on 😉 There is a hope that I will be visiting many of these places soon!

The first month as a MAC user

January 10, 2009

After having my new MACbook delivered on December 8th I have now had a good chance to try it, both as a a work and entertainment tool and I must say I am impressed. There are enough blogs and websites around that talk about the techie stuff and design aspects so I shall not go in to this. However, I am very content with a number of solutions that it has such as the mouse pad. I was also surprised how easy it was to get used to working with it as there are some differences. It was in fact so easy that previously easy things now appear too complicated when in a PC environment.
To rate it I would give it a 4 out of 5. The reason for deducting one point i the need to install a program to run PC applications but hey, it is a MAC.

Who was it?

January 3, 2009

That checked in with my colleague J early this morning and asked her to say hello to me. She said it was one of you blog readers but couldn’t remember the name. Here I thought I could work incognito but no 😉 Next time, do say hi!

The 2008 checklist revisited

January 2, 2009

At the start of 2008 I set a list of goals to be accomplished and I have had a few questions about how things went so:

* Get out of my parents place and find a habitat of my own

Accomplished: On August 29th 2008 when I moved to Uppsala

* Travel!  I hope to do BKK and/or NYC + more

Partially accomplished: At least got to visit NYC June 2-4 and it was an experience I will never forget

* Generate some more flying hours in my logbook. This includes Vassunda-Bodø with Anders and of course a trip or 10 to Mariehamn

Accomplished: 20+ hours. Bodø became Göteborg and Mariehamn was visited as well.

* A very personal mission

Failed: and hence I will not write about this

* Take an introductory course in law

Failed: But I decided to start my M.Sc instead and hence I achieved a bit more than planned!

* Other things that are written in the stars

Accomplished: 2008 brought a lot of things I didn’t expect but that turned out to be great. Entering the airline industry was one of them.