The 2008 checklist revisited

At the start of 2008 I set a list of goals to be accomplished and I have had a few questions about how things went so:

* Get out of my parents place and find a habitat of my own

Accomplished: On August 29th 2008 when I moved to Uppsala

* Travel!  I hope to do BKK and/or NYC + more

Partially accomplished: At least got to visit NYC June 2-4 and it was an experience I will never forget

* Generate some more flying hours in my logbook. This includes Vassunda-Bodø with Anders and of course a trip or 10 to Mariehamn

Accomplished: 20+ hours. Bodø became Göteborg and Mariehamn was visited as well.

* A very personal mission

Failed: and hence I will not write about this

* Take an introductory course in law

Failed: But I decided to start my M.Sc instead and hence I achieved a bit more than planned!

* Other things that are written in the stars

Accomplished: 2008 brought a lot of things I didn’t expect but that turned out to be great. Entering the airline industry was one of them.


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