Looking ahead for 2009

A few weeks in to 2009, I have now made a plan of what will come this year (or at least what I hope to acheive).

* Flying – This is a natural part and if all goes well there will be a journey down Europe in April and let friends and family experience the joy of flying.

* Travel – I managed to cross of New York last year and this year I am hoping for Bangkok and maybe a few shorter trips.

* University – Complete the compulsory section of my M.Sc. and choose either to:

– Take a few law courses


– Realize my plan of learning Russian.

(What do my Dear blog readers think?)

…..  and more


3 Responses to Looking ahead for 2009

  1. Andreas says:

    Она звучит как хорошая идея!


  2. PC says:

    Я думаю настолько слишком!

  3. Patrik says:

    Кондиционер прежнему неисправен

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