Spreading my wings again

Not far from the 90 days/3 landings limit I received a question from my university colleague A if I could help him with a birhday gift for his girlfriend M. The idea was to fly from Sundbro up to her home in Furvik close to Gävle and return via Skutskär where both her parents worked. Having been forced to move the date once due to engagements at work, we made it on the second attenpt on a day when the winds were calm and the sun was shining and almost no clouds were to be seen.

We departed from Sundbro and set course north leaving the control zone via Skuttunge church as usual. From there we joined the new E4 motorway all the way up to Tierp. As the boys and girls with camouflage clothes were playing around the Marma area, I had to take a little detour well west of the restriction area. When we reached Furuvik I made a few laps over Ms house allowing her to take as many pictures she wanted and then set course to Skutskär following the same drill there. When my passengers were satisfied we took the same routing down towards Uppsala.


SE-GON gazing in the sun

imgp0829Excitied passengers

imgp0842Focus on climb out


imgp0869Stora Enso pulp factory in Skutskär

imgp08751Heading in to the sun

Once at Sundbro again, it was time for a cup of coffee and change of passengers to my cousin, B and E for a short sightseeing of Uppsala on this fantastic day. This was somewhat more routine than the previous flight and gave me a chance to relax a bit more as well flying over Flogsta, the new IKEA, back over the city centre and in to Sundbro again, a flight lasting about 20 minutes.

dsc_0399Resting between flights



dsc_0443New IKEA with the old in the foreground

dsc_0457Uppsala cathedral with Fyrisån running through town

Due to the condition of the field, SE-GON was looking awful and hence we had to clean her with a high presure hose, a task I left to my passengers to take care of while I did the paperwork.

dsc_0492Cleaning up after a muddy landing

All in all 1,6 hours in the book and 5 very happy first time Cessna flyers and I am current to fly with passengers for another 3 monhts 🙂


2 Responses to Spreading my wings again

  1. Patrik says:

    Duktigt.. när ska vi mörkerskola?

  2. Adam says:

    Det där verkar kul! Men lite läskigt. (;

    Gamla IKEA ser för övrigt lite platt ut.

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