Christmas countdown has started this morning

November 29, 2009

With a “fika” at Café Linné in Uppsala and a Church service hosted by the Uppsala police choir



Some collect rocks, some collect “monuments”…

November 15, 2009

…. I collect Starbucks mugs wherever I go and I find a Starbucks.


So far I have 13 from: Madrid, London, Qingdao, Beijing, Bangkok, Chang Mai, Chicago, New York, Northern Ireland, Zurich, Frankrfurt, Copenhagen and Kuala Lumpur. Still missing Washington, Paris, Nottingham and about 6 others that have been sold out at my visit. Hoping to catch one in Moscow in December and from Stockholm when they open at Arlanda early next year!

New toy enroute!

February 16, 2009

Looking forward to my new toy that should be arriving sometime this week:

A result of the tests will follow

1000 places to see before I die

January 14, 2009

This was my Christmas gift from Anders and his family and for someone like me who loves to travel, this was the ultimate gift. I have gone through it from cover to cover and realzied I have approximately 780 places left to visit before I can move on 😉 There is a hope that I will be visiting many of these places soon!

The first month as a MAC user

January 10, 2009

After having my new MACbook delivered on December 8th I have now had a good chance to try it, both as a a work and entertainment tool and I must say I am impressed. There are enough blogs and websites around that talk about the techie stuff and design aspects so I shall not go in to this. However, I am very content with a number of solutions that it has such as the mouse pad. I was also surprised how easy it was to get used to working with it as there are some differences. It was in fact so easy that previously easy things now appear too complicated when in a PC environment.
To rate it I would give it a 4 out of 5. The reason for deducting one point i the need to install a program to run PC applications but hey, it is a MAC.

Bah, humbug!

October 31, 2008

Went grocery shopping last Thursday and I was quite sad to see the following

Too early for my taste and I think it may even put people off from the true Christmas spirit!

RIP Sterling

October 29, 2008

Makes you relaize how vunerable the industry you work in is!